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Italy has for decades always been a center of cinematic expression, with numerous fans from all over the world enamored by the culture surrounding it.

There are numerous reasons as to why watching Italian movies and shows online has seen an upsurge in popularity. One reason that springs to mind is the fact that Italians in the diaspora miss and wish to have their fix of the fiery and dramatic artistic expression from their home country.

Another reason, which could be likened to the first is non-Italian lovers of the Italian shows and movies wishing to catch up with a show they fell in love while on holiday or a movie their Italian friend told them about.

This third reason, which takes on a more academic motive is because lovers and students of the Italian language wish to widen their vocabulary and become more familiarised with the culture. And what better way to do this, than to fully immerse yourself into the shows and movies that mimic everyday Italian life.

Where to watch and what mediums:

Thanks to the internet and the advent of streaming technology, there are a plethora of sites hosting Italian content for individuals that desire it. In this article, these sites have been placed into two categories: Free or subscription-based sites and Peer sharing sites

Free or subscription based sites are the sites where publishers or Italian shows and movies give their consent to have their content on the site for easy collation and viewing by their fans. Some of these sites include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, RAI.

Peer sharing sites are sites that connect users and their content. The content on these sites are typically not licensed for sharing, so those who use these sites might be running foul of the law.