Trans dating online can seem like an audition, where first impressions are everything. Those who are new to TS dating in Bangkok will usually start online. The way your profile is created matters, as does the way you talk on video call or chat. This goes for both men and women. The way we present ourselves affects our chances of meeting someone. It’s nothing to worry about, of course. Being open, positive, and respectful is what counts.

Online dating isn’t a bad idea to get a quick start on the Thai capital’s buoyant trans dating scene. Choose a reputable dating site that filters out escorts and upload relatively recent photos, where you look nice and cheerful.

Alternatively (or in addition), you could attend one of the city’s trans-friendly events. The odds of meeting someone there are higher than those of finding a match online. It’s important to be respectful of people’s boundaries and not ask intimate questions right from the start, just as you wouldn’t appreciate a total stranger asking you personal things. If you feel uncomfortable by a stranger asking you personal questions, you probably shouldn’t be asking them yourself. Keep in mind that people go to different events for a wide variety of reasons, and looking for a partner may not be among them.

If you can’t fight the urge to ask questions – and many find that’s the case – it might help to ask yourself why you want to date a trans person in particular. For cisgender people, the reasons for this are normally one of several. Sometimes, they are unclear about their own gender identity. Other times, they feel trans people have certain unique qualities. Still others believe trans people are neither fully male nor fully female and find this “combination” an advantage. Some ladyboys are welcoming toward people who desire them because they are trans, but others don’t appreciate it and could get very offended because they feel it is fetishizing of their identity or somehow exploitive. No matter why you want to date a local trans person, remember they deserve respect for their individualism and for who they are holistically.

You might feel somewhat self-conscious and anxious to keep a conversation going the first time. Show sincere interest in the person. Ask them about their job, hobbies, likes and dislikes as people do on dates. For example, you could ask them about something you saw on their profile. If you met online, ask why they chose that particular site. Ask about their favorite movie, sport, or restaurant. You might find you have something in common and keep the conversation going. Always be nice, friendly, and non-judgmental and expect the same in return.