Pieces of jewelry from Italy are widely known around the world for their beauty and quality. One of the reasons why they were considered as one of the bests is because Italians focus on design excellence and they have a long history. Dating back 700 BCE, Italians first crafted jewelry utilizing gold essentially the prime material. Today, Italians are working on 18-carat gold or higher, sterling silver, and colored glass.

Balancing creativity and craftsmanship, it is never been difficult for Italians to penetrate the jewelry market not only in Italy but all over the world. Here are some of the most Italian jewelers in the world:

Sotirios Bulgaris

Although Sotirios Bulgaris is a Greek jeweler, he founded Bulgari (also spelled Bvlgari) when he moved in Rome in 1881. The company started booming in the 20th century when it became an international brand famous for bold pieces of  jewelry and architectural metalwork using metal steel and gold. Serpenti is one of their iconic pieces featuring coiling snake shaped jewelry and watches decorated with pave gemstones.

Mario Buccellati

Mario Buccellati founded Buccellati in 1919 when he established stores in Milan, Rome and Florence. After establishing three stores, he began establishing another overseas, one in New York and one in Florida. When he died in 1965, his four sons took over the management of the company but years after a Chinese company bought a controlling 85% share in the company.

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin established his company in 1996 showcasing animal jewelry. His passion in history and mythology led him to craft magical pieces of jewelry. Ruby is his symbolic signature which he took from pages of antique collectors’ books. According to the antique books, pharaoh believed that ruby is a talisman that guarantees love, joy, and everlasting health. Second, Burmese warriors were convinced that once ruby kept in contact with their skin they had the protection power. Lastly, in a Hindu myth, rubies were considered to be the precious fruit of the Kalpa tree which is the tree of hopes and desires.