Italian culture is like a dish full of flavors and surprises. Home of more than 62 million individuals, Italy is ranked as 23rd largest in population size around the world. A large percentage of the population is Italian, others are from bordering countries like Arab, France, Switzerland, and Austria. Moreover, it is considered the birthplace of Western civilization, given birth to the most notable people we know today, and cultural power.


A family is the most important value in Italian culture. An Italian family is well intact and focused on extended family. They love spending time with their family. Children are exposed to the closeness of the family so that upon their adulthood they will not forget its importance and value.


Religion is also what defines Italian culture. Roman Catholicism is the major religion in the country, no doubt because Vatican City, where Pope resides, is located in the heart of Rome. Almost 80% of Italy’s population is composed of Catholics and Christians, the rest are growing Muslim immigrants, agnostic and atheist.


Italy is also notable for its architectural styles and art, especially during the time of Roman, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical. Art and architecture have a long history in the country. Italy is considered as the root of artistic tradition. Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci are the most renowned Italian artists who influenced the Renaissance and the art world as well. Truly, Italy is a paradise for art aficionados.


And of course, let us not forget the Italian cuisine. Since Italians have artistic blood in them, they make sure they incorporate their creativeness in every food they prepare. For them, food is not just for nourishment but is life. Pasta is their main and important meal along with wine and cheese. Pasta dishes with tomatoes are popular, not to mention their pizza with mozzarella cheese on top.